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Frequently Asked Questions

Premcar is a leading Australian product engineering business that specialises in the automotive, defence and aerospace industries. For more than 25 years, Premcar has been the go-to partner for global car-makers in need of the complete design, engineering and manufacture of niche-model new vehicles, as well as full-scale new-vehicle development programs, manufacturing, and electric vehicle (EV) conversions. As the name behind more than 200,000 new cars and 55,000 new-vehicle engines, Premcar’s body of work is extensive and has delivered technical and sales success for major car brands from Europe, the USA, Japan, China and Australia.

Premcar is a leading Australian product engineering business that specialises in the automotive, defence and aerospace industries. Premcar is an Australian company majority owned by Bernie Quinn and Jim Jovanovski. It is based in the Melbourne suburb of Epping, in Australia.

Premcar offers a One-Stop-Shop solution for the enhancement of a new-vehicle model series. We provide the complete process of engineering design (including styling, chassis and powertrain enhancements), development (building prototype parts and vehicles, a complete vehicle testing program), manufacturing (of all necessary components) and vehicle assembly.

In terms of vehicle assembly, we take a carmaker’s new vehicle (after it arrives into the country from its origin assembly plant, but before it is sent to the retail dealership) and place it on Premcar’s Australian assembly line. Here, all of the vehicle’s enhancement items are fitted by our skilled teams. Once the vehicle is complete, it is transported from our factory and back into the carmaker’s new-vehicle logistics process where it is ultimately shipped to the brand’s selling retail dealership.

Premcar is a certified secondary vehicle manufacturer in Australia. This means that, as
part of your vehicle enhancement program with us, we provide all of the necessary vehicle certification and homologation your new vehicle is required to have by the Australian government and and its agencies. This means these new vehicles can then be registered and driven on Australian public roads. 

Our vehicle enhancement programs are intended for new-vehicle ranges. We do,
however, perform large-scale electric vehicle (EV) conversions for motor vehicles that
are currently in use. But if you’re keen to enhance a used car range then get in touch.
We’re still keen to learn about your plans in case we can help.

We can. Book a call with us at a time that suits you and let’s discuss your plans.

We have a series of questions we’ll ask you so we can establish your specific needs with regard to a new-vehicle enhancement program. Your replies will guide the initial suggestions we’ll be able to offer you and this will help establish the most effective next steps for your individual situation.

Yes. Simply send us your company’s NDA document ahead of our call and we’ll
complete it and return it to you before our scheduled meeting.

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