Vehicle Programs

Carmakers create new vehicles to capture customers.
But there are many new-car buyers who want something
exceptional and carmakers don’t always have what they want.

Price discounts and finance offers won’t attract them…
Only the right kind of vehicle will.

But head-office Product Planning departments often can’t
build or deliver these cars to the markets that request them.
So they turn to a trusted partner who can.
Premcar is that trusted partner. 

28 Yrs
5 K
207 K

For more than 25 years, Premcar has been the name behind more than 200,000
exceptional new cars. They’ve converted  buyers into customers for vehicle
brands around the world, from the US, Japan, China and Australia.
Get in touch to discover how it can do the same for you.

Trusted By These Brands (and More)


There are different ways to create exceptional new cars. But there’s only one way to create them to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) levels of quality, and that’s to follow the exacting standards global carmakers follow.

Major carmakers create new cars according to
tough internal and legal requirements. It’s so they
can meet strict regulations and warranty
standards, as well as their own brand needs.
Problem is, if you’re not an experienced
carmaker and you try to meet these standards,
you’ll quickly discover this process is difficult,
time-consuming (think years) and expensive (think
millions) to get right.

Official carmakers use decades of advanced engineering knowledge to create the new cars they sell.

Premcar uses this same engineering knowledge in its new-car enhancement programs. It’s how we achieve OEM standards in the cars we create and it’s one of the reasons why global carmakers make us their go-to partner for exceptional new-car models.


Want To Increase The Appeal Of The New Vehicles You Sell?

Then you need to inject them with product-based advantages. Fitting a few accessories and some decals might bring you some extra sales, but they might not deliver the halo effect that can produce higher sales and stronger brand recognition. A Premcar new-vehicle enhancement program focuses on the areas of your vehicle that will attract your target customers. This means these buyers get the type of car they really want and your company gets the results it needs.

For A 4X4 SUV Buyer

This might mean improved off-road performance,
tougher styling and better handling.

For A Sports Car Buyer

It might be improved aerodynamics, enhanced
cornering and a re-engineered wheel and tyre package

A Premcar Vehicle Enhancement Program
Is A Tailored One-Stop-Shop Solution.

It means these exceptional vehicles sit naturally in your new-vehicle model range
and add weight to your brand. It also means these buyers get the exceptional cars
they want – and become your customers.


Zero And Low-Emissions Vehicles Are The
Future Of The Automotive Industry

Battery Electric vehicles (BEVs) and alternative powertrains that don’t rely on fossil fuels are gradually replacing the petrol- and diesel-powered versions of the popular cars we’ve known for generations. But it’s a change not every company is readily equipped for.

It’s why automotive companies are relying on our knowledge and experience with electric vehicle (EV) powertrains and technologies. They’re applying it to their passenger cars, pick-ups and light trucks. They’ve chosen Premcar for everything from petrol/diesel-to-EV conversions to complete engineering development of mass-production BEV platforms.

Get ahead of the zero-emissions movement.