Engineering Programs

Engineering projects need to be on-time, on-
budget and deliver the highest levels of customer
satisfaction. And when they fail to do so, delays, cost-
overruns and technical problems can be expensive,
and not just financially.

Delayed projects can harm a brand’s image,
tarnish a product before it’s released to customers,
and even affect a company’s share price.

28 Yrs
5 K
207 K

This is why you need a trusted and experienced OEM-level engineering partner, a team that works discreetly and has the design and engineering resources ready to ensure your project goes to plan. They’re here at Premcar and we’re ready to talk when you are. Get in touch.

Trusted By These Brands (and More)

When You’ve Got
Too Much On

Global carmakers, aerospace companies and defence
suppliers are usually large and well-resourced. But if
the number and scale of projects you’re tackling are
pushing you behind schedule, then you need to call in
the right support.

We work with customers who need their projects
back on-schedule and driven to completion. It’s why
some of the biggest companies rely on us, especially
when the clock’s ticking.

When You Need Agility

Size and complexity can mean large companies miss out on one
critical advantage, and that’s the ability to move quickly.

We Convert Stress Into Results, Thanks In Part To Our Agility.
Does Your Engineering Program Need This Right Now?

When You Can’t Reach A Target Customer

You know your market, you see an opportunity and you’ve got the
budget – but you don’t have all of the tools and skills to create the
product these buyers want.

Businesses Everywhere Are Filled With
Stories Of Missed Opportunities

But you won’t miss them when you’ve got us on
your team. From our 3D CAD and CAE software, to
CFD modelling, metrology and advanced
manufacturing, we’ve got the advanced tools and
experienced engineers to create the products your
market wants – whether it’s an electric powertrain
conversion for a diesel vehicle range, or an aircraft
component you need developed.

Capture every market opportunity. Get in touch.