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Human-centred Design

People, not shapes, underpin great design. The automotive design world lost one of its Old Masters in March. Italy’s Marcello Gandini, the skilled stylist who

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Nissan Patrol Warrior Premcar

ARTICLE: Nissan Patrol Warrior

Leading US automotive publication recently road tested the new Nissan Patrol Warrior by Premcar. “The Nissan Patrol Warrior Is An Armada On Off-Road Steroids.”

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With its background in OEM
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Given it’s sold in Nissan showrooms wearing a Nissan badge, backed by a five-year Nissan warranty, the Warrior is designed to feel like a factory product rather than a heavily-modified ute.

In the Warrior, Premcar’s engineers have achieved the seemingly impossible in creating a vehicle that  is more dynamically pleasing on-road but more capable off-road. That’s a rare feat deserving of high praise.

4×4 Australia

Nissan Navara N-TREK Warrior in 4x4 of the Year Testing