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Certain new-car buyers want exceptional vehicles and too often their
favourite brands don’t offer them. But the OEM carmakers who create
them have the best chance of converting these buyers into customers.

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Why Choose Premcar?

Brands and marketing are vital for success in the new-car industry.
But, whether you’re a carmaker, official new-vehicle importer or a
dealer group, there’s one key ingredient that can determine your
success: the new vehicles you offer.

Your new-car range might be attracting buyers every month but
what you might be losing are the hordes of customers who want
something specific. And if you’re not offering what they want, you’re
missing out on their business.

For more than 25 years, Premcar has developed and produced these
new vehicles, the types these buyers want. They’re among the most
desirable new cars sold in Australia and overseas.

These new vehicles, and their world-class design and engineering,
meet not only global technical standards, they fulfil the specific
needs of carmakers and their target customers. It means these
buyers get the cars they really want and the car brands who sell
them get a powerful advantage.

You can get this same advantage with Premcar.

Bernie Quinn

Engineering Director & Partner | Premcar

Here's What Industry Experts Are Saying

The Warrior package is professionally engineered, tested and installed to full OE standards which no aftermarket supplier seems to be able to do, and it’s this full integration of components that makes it a winning package.

We’ve said it before – the PRO-4X Warrior is the best Navara ever from Nissan.

4×4 Australia

Like any first-class manufacturing facility Premcar monitors things down to the minute.