Giving voice to an all-time-great V8

Nissan Patrol Warrior V8

Giving voice to an all-time-great V8

The new Nissan Patrol WARRIOR by Premcar has spoken, thanks to some clever people. 

Of all the locally developed enhancements Premcar has applied to the new Nissan Patrol WARRIOR – and there are many – one instantly catches people’s attention.

The Premcar team worked with Nissan and its award-winning Y62 Patrol SUV to create an impressive flagship 4WD tailored for Australian customers and Australian conditions.

This was an extensive new-car enhancement program. As with the Nissan Navara WARRIOR range, the Patrol WARRIOR has been locally engineered to ensure no compromise to the vehicle’s underpinning design characteristics whilst enhancing its capabilities to better suit Australian conditions.

The Nissan Patrol WARRIOR has four foundational product pillars:

  • Enhanced capability
  • Road presence
  • Superb refinement

And this one:

The perfect soundtrack.

Premcar re-engineered the Patrol WARRIOR with an array of made-for-Australia enhancements.

There are eleven comprehensive exterior changes, including new bumper designs, wheels and fender flares.

Updates to the interior.

A raft of engineering and hardware revisions to the suspension and Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC) system for a broader capability bandwidth.

Even a redeveloped towbar. And more.

But there was one key area we didn’t touch: the engine.

And for good reason.

Nissan, it can be said, created one of the world’s best V8 engines when it developed the VK56VD, an engine enthusiasts around the world simply call VK56.

This 5.6-litre all-alloy 32-valve petrol engine is a gem of mechanical design and effectiveness. Nissan’s engineers injected deep reserves of intelligence and experience when they developed this torque-rich 298 kW motor. Pull one apart and the evidence is everywhere.

Its long résumé underlines this point. Nissan’s VK engine family has powered everything from SUVs to luxury cars to pick-ups. In motor racing it’s won in Japan’s Super GT Championship, Australia’s V8 Supercars and even at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The tuning world loves its ability to make power.

So when the first Nissan Patrol WARRIOR took shape inside Premcar’s prototype workshop in Melbourne, we kept the bonnet closed.

But there was one thing we did change, something Y62 Patrol owners often do, something V8 fans love to hear: we gave the VK56 some added voice.

We did this with a bi-modal exhaust.

Owners love it. Fans love it. The media love it.

CarExpert’s Alborz Fallah says it “allows the V8 to really bellow a deep raspy sound that most owners will very much appreciate”, adding “the balance between being quiet when it needs to be and making itself heard when your right foot goes all the way down is well thought out.”

WhichCar’s Tristan Tancredi says it’s “a great boon for buyers who love that V8 howl.”

Richard Berry from nailed it when he said it gives the VK56 a “NASCAR-like sound.”

More than meets the eye (and ear)

The system looks simple. A single pipe exits discreetly at the rear of the car and a pair of stylish side pipes peak out just in front of the driver’s side rear wheel.

Its operation is equally simple. Under more intense acceleration you can enjoy the full roar of the 298 kW V8, and when cruising you can enjoy hushed comfort inside the Patrol’s cabin.

It achieves this duality via the exhaust side-pipe, which is fitted with a bi-modal valve and resonator. These are incorporated into a uniquely tuned intermediate muffler assembly. The bi-modal valve actuator is controlled using a control module from Australian supplier Lumens with a unique calibration developed by Premar’s engineering team, and specifically designed for the Patrol WARRIOR.

The intermediate muffler is a bespoke design. It consists of three separate tuning chambers. Two chambers target specific exhaust frequencies that control exhaust booms and drones. The third chamber controls noise attenuation, determining the exhaust note, it’s tone and its volume.

Those words “boom” and “drone” are important. A sports exhaust might sound cool now and again but it can get annoying pretty quickly, especially when you’re cruising on a freeway.

It’s why the Patrol WARRIOR’s bi-modal system was tuned to exclude all resonant exhaust frequencies and drones, leaving only a pure sounding V8 exhaust note.

Fully integrated design

The bi-modal control system was seamlessly integrated into the Patrol’s CAN (Controller Area Network) system. Premcar developed unique software for the bi-modal control valve.

The bi-modal control valve calibrations are based on a combination of engine speed and throttle position. They make sure drivers enjoy the VK56’s deep-bass acoustic feedback under heavier acceleration and during sporty downshifts.

It’s been developed to harness the best sound qualities from the exhaust system (when drivers want them) whilst creating a quieter and refined sound quality in the cabin at cruising speeds. This means you get a burst of fun when you want it, and peace and quiet at all other times.

To ensure the best of both of these worlds, the Premcar team even developed gear-specific calibrations to work with the Nissan Patrol’s Drive and Sport modes in its seven-speed transmission.

There’s more.

A big part of the system’s success is the bi-modal valve. The valve actuator is shared with high-end brands such as McLaren and Jaguar. The valve is electronically controlled, not vacuum operated, which means it’s precisely controlled.

The result?

An accurately tuned V8 symphony, when you want it.

And it’s Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliant and it’s covered under the Patrol WARRIOR’s five-year new-car warranty.

And of course, it’s Australian designed and Australian made.

A team effort

You can see that developing the Patrol WARRIOR’s bi-modal exhaust required a carefully executed program.

It also needed the right people.

The leading Premcar engineers behind the Patrol WARRIOR’s bi-modal exhaust were responsible for the bi-modal soundtracks on a number of famous supercars and muscle cars from Europe, the USA and Australia.

They worked closely with some of Australia’s most experienced automotive component suppliers, such as Lumen and SWD Australia, the company behind Redback Exhaust. Lumen was called upon for its electronics experience and Redback for specific exhaust system hardware.

Companies like these were chosen for their OEM levels of design skill and manufacturing quality, which are essential for a project like this.

What you can see (and hear) with the Patrol WARRIOR might look simple. That was the intention.

What you can’t see is the technical know-how to create this captivating device. It’s been an immediate hit with customers and fans, all thanks to the perfect soundtrack it enables for one of the all-time great V8 engines.

Bernie Quinn – Engineering Director, Premcar Pty Ltd


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