This remastered Bronco isn’t a restomod

Gateway Bronco LUXE-GT

This remastered Bronco isn’t a restomod

What’s in a name? In this case, pretty much everything.

Gateway Bronco’s new LUXE-GT has started its US media tour.

This new version of the company’s range-leading vintage-style Ford Bronco is the latest new-vehicle program to publicly emerge from Premcar.

Given most of our work is behind-the-scenes for major automakers, this is one of the rare projects we can celebrate out loud, and that’s exactly what we did when the covers came off at The Quail event last Friday during Monterey Car Week in California.

Surrounded by magnificent displays from exotic carmakers RUF and Pagani, Gateway Bronco’s new LUXE-GT broke cover with two body styles.

Both are stunning.

Both hooked a lot of attention.

They also hooked a lot of customer orders.

Developing the platform for the new Gateway Bronco LUXE-GT was a fascinating program for the Premcar team.

Having spent the last 26 years developing and building new cars for major carmakers, creating the underpinnings for this vintage-style Bronco was business as usual, despite the unique product concept.

It was a great reminder of the power of our global OEM processes and methods.

Here’s a vintage-style Bronco that’s been developed like a current-day new car using new-car engineering processes.

It’s onboard systems are integrated to work like a new car. It drives like a new car.

Which is why it’s interesting to see the car sometimes referred to as a restomod.

I can see why. Restomod, the amalgam of short-forms for “restored” and “modified”, is a terrific car culture movement. Plenty of famous classic cars have been reimagined and presented in the most remarkable updated forms.

Most of them, however, work within the constraints of the instigating vehicle, whether it’s the original body shell, an existing chassis or other hard points in the original car’s structure, layout or concept.

We were fortunate with the Gateway Bronco LUXE-GT program. Our only major constraint when developing its new platform was working within the approximate dimensions of the wheelbase and track width of the original first-generation Bronco’s body layout, which on this new LUXE-GT range is an all-new construction. The exterior looks like it’s an original ‘60s Bronco body but, in fact, it’s manufactured from new.

Which brings us back to the defining characteristics that underpin the term ‘restomod’.

Gateway Bronco’s new LUXE-GT isn’t a restomod. It’s essentially a new car.

Gateway Bronco didn’t set out to create an all-new Bronco. Ford’s already done that. Instead, they deployed all of their experience and teamed with Premcar to create the best remastered vintage Bronco, and that necessitated engineering and creating a new car to achieve what matters most: a fun, memorable and safe modern-day driving experience.

What makes this car special is it achieves that while preserving the soul of Donald Frey’s original 1960s concept of a four-wheel drive sports car. This is a big achievement. After all, the Bronco was Frey’s second automotive landmark after giving the world the Ford Mustang.

Vintage body styling creates the impression Gateway Bronco’s new LUXE-GT is the restomod world’s latest entrant. It isn’t. It’s very much a new car.

The people who test-drove it during Monterey Car Week will attest to that, and the long list of people who have ordered one will tell you the same.

Bernie Quinn – Engineering Director, Premcar Pty Ltd


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