Why TerraGlide Is Putting Car Technology Under Caravans

Premcar TerraGlide Caravan Suspension

Premcar is spreading its carmaking know-how. Australians love caravans and RVs (recreational vehicles.) Drive any local highway during a holiday or long weekend and the proof is everywhere. They’re a great way to see all 7.6 million square kilometres of Australia. Want to reach the country’s furthest coastlines or discover the outback? There are ‘vans […]

How Some New-Car Importers Are Winning More Customers With Suspension Tuning

New Car Suspension Tuning

Certain car brands are using product localisation to boost their sales. This is how Premcar achieves it for them with suspension and handling enhancements. Selling new cars is intensely competitive and Australia is Exhibit A. 60-plus new-car brands. Almost 400 models. All for a market of ‘only’ about 1.1 million sales a year. The US […]