There’s a story behind these suspension dampers.

There’s a story behind these suspension dampers.

They might be shiny, red and new but they went through hell to make the production line.

These are the shock absorbers fitted to the Nissan Navara PRO-4X Warrior by Premcar, Nissan’s range-leading dual-cab 4×4 ute. What makes this car unique is it’s been engineered and enhanced in Australia.

Nissan chose Premcar to develop this car for Australia’s tough driving conditions. We also created its Australian manufacturing program and today we complete the final assembly of these new cars (and the equally tough Navara SL Warrior) for Nissan at Premcar’s Australian car-making and manufacturing facility in Epping, just outside Melbourne.

These two Australian-developed-and-built Navara models are special cars. And these shiny red tubes are just some of the Premcar-engineered components that play a big role in their sales success.

This pick-up’s high-performing suspension system, which has been developed to OEM standards, is one of the many product attributes Nissan and its customers need from these two Navara models, which compete in a hotly contested new-car sales segment. And our challenge was to develop and deliver these all of these product attributes to world-class levels.

Delivering them isn’t easy, especially when it comes to vehicle dynamics. We had to engineer them to hit a specific but difficult target. So for these dampers to earn their place on the car and join our assembly line, they had to withstand a large-scale engineering development program.

Severe off-road terrain, mud pits as slippery as brown grease, punishing surface corrugations, endless gravel and sandy tracks, flowing driver’s roads made for sports cars… add in towing and load-carrying tests; the Navara Warrior’s program was brutal. But with calculated improvements and constant technical changes these red dampers overcame them all, and more.

But they weren’t developed in isolation. They had to work with changing surroundings: different multi-rate springs, tyre and wheel combinations, endless geometry considerations, extreme forces, and more.

In total, the creation journey these dampers (and their surrounding components) undertook meant enduring thousands of hours and thousands of punishing testing kilometres in Australia’s toughest, most remarkable, and every-day driving conditions.

Add to this countless testing and measurement cycles in Premcar’s mobile damper dynamometer, which was ever-present during their l-o-n-g testing schedule. (As I said earlier, OEM standards.)

After all of this, plus more than a hundred different damper tunes, these crimson-coloured engineering beauties emerged. Designed, developed and made in Australia for Australian driving conditions; off-roading, towing, carting and commuting.

Their journey was just one part of the Navara Warrior’s gruelling Australian vehicle development program. It’s this type of exhausting but precise engineering work that achieves OEM-levels of quality, the kind that creates components that can be covered by new-car warranties and produces cars that exceed customers’ expectations.

It’s what global carmakers expect from Premcar.

It’s also what many Australian new-car buyers want in their ideal vehicle.

And it’s a privilege to create these cars for them.

So when you see these red dampers, give a quick thought to the Australian engineers at Premcar who shaped their development on the way to creating two of the best (and most sought-after) dual-cab 4×4 utes on sale in Australia.

They’re an example of the many Premcar-developed parts on these special cars that truly are ‘made in Australia, for Australians’.

Bernie Quinn – Engineering Director, Premcar Pty Ltd


About Premcar – Premcar Pty Ltd is a leading Australian vehicle engineering business that specialises in the automotive, defence and aerospace industries. For more than 25 years, global car-makers have made Premcar their go-to partner for the complete design, engineering and manufacture of niche-model new cars, full-scale new-vehicle development programs, and electric vehicle (EV) conversions and manufacturing. As the name behind more than 200,000 new cars and 55,000 new-vehicle engines, Premcar’s body of work is extensive and has delivered technical and sales success for major car brands from Europe, the USA, Japan, China and Australia. Visit


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If you have always wanted a Navara and you absolutely just want the best of the best, it’s hard to look past what is without doubt one of the most desirable choices on the market right now.

The name Premcar may not quite be a household one, but some of its other titles most certainly are.


Premcar has really done a stellar job on the suspension and wheel/tyre package to make the Warrior so much better than a stock Navara, both on and off the road.

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